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Associazione Pro Loco Faedis
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The best way to explain what the “Pro Loco Faedis” Association actually is and what it does, is probably by reading the following two articles from its Statute:

  •  The Pro Loco is an association of people, who intend to cooperate on activities of promotion and   protection  of the territory they belong in, through the valorization of the historical, artistic, cultural, naturalistic and social  peculiarities of the town of Faedis, thus improving the life of its inhabitants.
  •  The Pro Loco is a private legal institution created on a voluntary basis, with a non-profit aim. Its associates operate in favour of the same, voluntarily and following
    an internal set of rules, which are inspired by democratic principles. The association is apolitical, with no links to any political party. The possibility of becoming an associate
    is open  to all citizens of the municipality.

The associates and collaborators of “Pro Loco Faedis” have been motivated by these principles since 1966. These can be summed up in just a few, simple words: "love for our
town, territory and its community". During the course of all these years, such passion led to the “Pro Loco Faedis” Association organizing a large number of events and initiatives.

Some worked out well, some not-so-well, because nobody's perfect... but all of them were important, in order for the “Pro Loco Faedis” to become an important point of reference for the whole community of Faedis.