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Consorzio Turistico dolcenordest

Nowadays the dolceNordEst union puts together 9 communs which are situated in the Friuli’s Eastern Hills Torre Valleys: Attimis, Faedis, Lusevera, Magnano in Riviera, Nimis, Povoletto, Reana del Rojale, Taipana and Tarcento. This area extends for 350 square km among plains, hills and mountains, where the communication’s routes follow the course of the high grounds and the two most important watercourses called Torre and Cornappo.

DolceNordEst, which is destined to the touristic development of this region, is the innovative and programmatic answer given by this ancient area, whose strong points are its values and its history, to the recent phenomenon of globalization. It is fruit of a decision that has been pondered in order to develope a compatible economy, suited to the Italian and international tourism market. It draws a “visible” territory in the regional and the national ambit for its size and its potential, thanks to its superb great wines, the significant presence of local quality products, the specific and peculiar characteristics of its landscape, the evidence of its important culture: a recognizable heritage in the rich Italian outline, which is unique in the world for the variety of its treasures.

“dolceNordEst - dolci terre dell’antico Friuli (ancient Friuli’s sweet lands)” is the answer to the necessity of define a clear territory’s identity and assert a picture that is consistent with this identity and is able to represent the unique and exclusive gifts, which are not reproducible elsewhere and not proposable in a different way. It announces in advance its peculiar quality; the ancient sweetness that characterizes the local products, which are obstinately preserved and improved over the centuries, above all the Ramandolo, the first appelation controlèe of the region, and the Picolit.

It recalls the complex morphology of its landscape made of lofty Alps, sweet sounds of its clear torrents, historical values of a frontier-culture that is peaceful and laborious thanks to the uninterrupted meeting among different cultures.

DolceNordEst - Consorzio
per la valorizzazione turistica
Piazza XXIX Settembre, 8
33045 NIMIS (UD)

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Fax 0432 790555

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