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Immagini Panoramiche del Comune di Faedis
Faedis from Colvillano
Faedis - Piazza Mons. Pelizzo, Town Hall and Church
The Castles of Faedis, Cucagna Castle and Zucco Castle
The Grivò Valley
Down from Colloredo di Soffumbergo
Valle di Soffumbergo
Le Farcadizze
Vineyards under Colvillano
Detail of the Frescoes '300 Church of San Rocco, Faedis
Fresco in the Church of Faedis
Piazza I° maggio, Faedis
Bunch of Refosco of Faedis
I Comunai, Faedis
I "Portonas", Entrance in the center of Faedis
Focus del sito
Contenitore Informazioni Istituzionali
Associazione Pro Loco Faedis
(Associazione di Promozione Sociale)

Piazza Monsignor Pelizzo, 11
33040 FAEDIS (UD)
Codice Fiscale 80016920300
Partita IVA 01260390305
loghi istituzioni
Comune di Faedis Unpli Ass. Reg. Pro Loco Friuli Venezia Giulia
Contenitore Notizie in Primo Piano
The Municipality of Faedis offers the chance of relaxing in the green, away from the stress and fatigues, which are associated with modern life. In addition to this, remarkable artistic beauties characterize the landscape, what with castles and numerous votive churches. Let’s not forget .... , for the lovers of a good old glass of wine, local canteens, venues and bars are always open.
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